Zebra Cake Egg less Recipe In Hindi

Zebra Cake Egg less Recipe In Hindi
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Aaj main aap ke liye Amazing zebra cake step by step recipe lein kar aayi hu jo ki maine khaas taor par chhote baccho ke liye likhi hai, Jab little baby’s sad ho jate hai tab aap unhe iss cake ki madad se khush kar sakti hai to chaliye phhir jante hai zebra cake recipe… Joki aap ko zaroor pasand aayegi.

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Zebra Cake Ingredients:

  • All Purpose flour  (मैदा) -1 1/2 cup
  • Baking soda  (बेकिंग सोडा) -1/4 tsp
  • Baking powder (बेकिंग पाउडर) -1 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar powder (चीनी पाउडर) -1 cup
  • Milk (दूध ) -3/4 cup
  • Oil (तेल) -1/4 cup
  • Coco powder (कोको पाउडर) -1 tsp
  • Salt  (नमक) -A pinch for cake, 1 cup for baking in cooker

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Zebra Sponge Cake Recipe:

Take a bowl & sifter. in sifter, add all purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and mix sift it all together.

And now time to prepare wet ingredients: In other bowl, add powder sugar, milk, oil & mix it well

Fold dry ingredient in 2 batches & whisk it well. This is to make sure that there is no lumps and now add vanilla essence and mix it well.

Divide batter in 2 equal parts- one will be plain vanilla &  another we will make chocolate mixture.

In one part, add cocoa powder and mix it.

And now preheat cooker: add salt in cooker & place wired rack over it. Remove sealing ring, pressure regulator & close lid, keep it on medium- high flame for the 10 minute

(it you want to make this in oven you have to pre. heat oven at 250 degree for the 10 minute)

Grease baking tin with butter. Followed by dusting some flour and cover it allover.Zebra Cake Egg less Recipe

Pour spoonful plain vanilla batter in the center of pan. and now followed by spoonful chocolate batter over it right on the middle. (you can see the picture)

Continue pouring alternate batter until you wish them 🙂

Final one, last tsp of chocolate batter. lets make a design with the help of toothpick.

Start with center & pull towards edge of tin. Take stick out, clear it & repeat same step towards another edge. and add in the last one drop of vanilla batter.

Care fully place it in preheated cooker and close it. bake it for 20 minute on low flame.

For oven : (place the cake tin in oven . and bake 180 degree for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes baking is completed. and now remove the tin form the oven.)

Open lid and check if is baked well by inserting stick till bottom which should come out clean

Take it out and let it cool down

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Zebra Cake Kaise Banaye:

Ek katori lein uspar chalni rakh kar usmein maida aur baking soda baking powder aur namak ko daal dein phhir in sabhi ko achchi trah se chhan lein. ek dusare bowl me pisi huyi chini, dudh, chini aur tail dalein aur achche se milayein. ab sukhi huyi samagri ko 2 bhag me kar ke milaye aur achche se fet lein. iss baat ka khyal rahe ki mixture me bilkul bhi gaath na ho. ab ismein vanilla essence milaye aur achche se mix kar lein. Mixture ko 2 bhag me braber baat lein, jismein se ek simple hi rahega aur dusare me hum cocoa powder ka mixture banayege. ab ek baag me coco powder milaye aur ise achche se mix kar dein. Ab cooker me namak daal kar uspar wired rack lagayege. Ab iske baad cooker ki rabar, siti ko nikal kar ise 10 minute ke liye band kar dimi aanch par garam karege.butter se baking tin grease kare. ab ismein thora ata chirak dein jisse yah chipke nahi.

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ek tsp vanilla ka baater bicho bich dalein, ab usi ke beech me ek chmmach cocoa batter daalein. aise hi lagatar ek ke baad ek daalte rahe. aakhiri me chocolate batter daalein. design ko beech se start karte huye aakhir tak jaye. phhir ise saaf kar dusari line bhi create kare. tooth pick ki madad se ek design bana lein. aakhir mein ek bund vanilla batter ki daalein. sawdhani se ise cooker me rakh dein. dhimi aanch par 20 minute pakaye. ab coocker khool kar check kare ki yah sahi se paka hai ki nahi aap ise tooth pick ki madad se check kar sakti hai. ab ise bahar nikal lein. aap ka zebra cake taiyar hai.

To yah rahi hamari aaj ki recipe main ummed karti hu ki aap ko yah pasand aayi hogi. Iss post ko like aur share karna na bhulein aur hamare blogs ko trah padhte rahe. Thank you 🙂

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