Museum Of Ice Cream Sephora Collection Review

museum of ice cream sephora collection

Hello beautiful girls…

So Today i have a came here for doing a review of the new museum of ice cream sephora collection.. & seriously i’am so excited for this. because this is a brand new Sephora cosmetic product and as i told you before how much i love Sephora cosmetic.  This is a two different brand which collaborate together  and if you have not seen this amazing museum of ice cream sephora collection, Let me introduce you..

So basically.. The Museum of Ice Cream, started in Manhattan, New York City, is an interactive art exhibit with ice cream and candy themed exhibits, all brightly colored, in a maze of rooms containing “among other things, a rock-candy cave, a unicorn, and a swimming pool of rainbow sprinkles”. and Sephora is a Paris, France-based multinational chain of personal care and beauty shop……

So these are two amazing and different brands came together to create a limited edition line which inspired by the MOIC x SC collection from the sephora collection.

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My First Feeling: When I Heard About This

I love Watching Instagram makeup videos because they do everything very fast (hahaha!! i am little lazy 🙂 ) and ends in a few minutes. In a morning.. i open my insta to watch my favorite makeup artist videos and i watch this.. first of all i thought they doing kids makeup challenge but when i read the description section box,, I understood that Sephora comes again brought something new and interesting about beauty..


usually i love to write blog in my mother language (in Hindi) but today i write this in English because I know that this product is not currently available in India, so I thought, why should not, i reach my first feelings for the Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection to everyone with the help of this language 🙂 and see, here i came to introduce you the latest product of sephora.

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Sephora x Museum ice Cream

Everything in this Sephora collection one is inspired by ice cream, candy and looks just like the sugary treat. oh~~ i love it, this is so cute and creamy.. i don’t know when it comes in India but seriously guys i really want to touch and use these product.. Ah…. please god make my wish complete 🙂  Anyways.. here i come to talk about this product. not about my wishes 🙂


While the colorful packaging is vaguely reminiscent of the patchy, unflattering makeup you used to wear when you were 7-8 years-old, the quality is so much better. The Popsicle-shaped Dream Team Pigment palette has 12 matte and shimmery shades with names like “Sprinkle” and “Swirl” that are packed with pigment. The collection might be limited-edition but it won’t be hard to find, as one will be able to shop the full collection at all Sephora US and Canada stores, . If you happen to be in San Francisco you can also shop the collection at The Pint Shop both in-store and online, with the exception of getting the Rainbow Sherbet Lashes. but if you talk about India,,  i don’t know when will it comes in India.. so sorry 🙁

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Highlighter & Blusher:


The other palette in the collection is a highlighting, bronzing, life-giving wafer-shaped compact that is guaranteed to look great on everyone. The Sugar Wafer Face Palette is divided into two sides with six different champagne and pearly highlighters, coral and lilac blushes, and brick and golden-brown bronzes.

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Sephora also came out with four sweet-smelling lip stains in shades “Cherry on Top,” “Creamsicle,” “Purple-berry,” and “Bubblegum K-ween,” which would make the best Instagram caption.Finally, the collection is rounded out with fuzzy false eyelashes, a fruity charm bracelet with lip and cheek stains hidden in the charms, and a sprinkle-themed brush set housed in a clutch that you definitely want in your makeup collection

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So this is a little bit full information about  new museum of ice cream Sephora collection.. i hope you smiled when you read this. and yes pray for me that i got an opportunity to use this product. 🙂

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