5 Easy Way to Curl Hair- How To Curl Hair At Home By Home Remedies

how to curl hair at home without curler

Hello ladies,

Every girl wants to look beautiful and sexy,  and for this they try so many think to make her self beautiful and you know if you ask me this question to me “do you want to look beautiful” my answer is yes.. because in this generation everything is dependent on your look. if you look stylish and beautiful you can feel yourself brave and  independent… i did not agree with this that every girl want to look beautiful for other person because beauty is not just a word  for me” beauty is a full sentence. A sentence of.. i want to prove my self that i can do everything. i can achieve everything without any body help. This is a beauty for me. Anyway.. I lost a bit of emotions 🙂 change the topic. what was the topic today ? oh. yes.. How to curl hair without straightener:

So lets start.. 

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5 Easy Way to Curl Hair/How to Get Curly Hair at Home: 

  1. Vintage curl via headband
  2. Pin curls
  3. Velcro roller
  4. Braiding
  5. Old t-shirt

1.. Vintage Curl Via Headband:

First of all wash your hair the way you usually do. Blot it dry with a towel.

After this section your hair into many parts.

Warps each section in the elastic hair band and clip it. Make sure continue doing this till the end section are wrapped.

its more good if you sleep with the hair band on, so that it sufficient time to dry or take help of hair dryer in cool setting, in order to blow dry your hair for faster drying.

once its dry, unpin all the sections of your pinned hair and slowly remove the hair band, and unleash your curl.

Now you can see amazing curl in your hair.

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2.. Pin curl:

how to do curly hair at home

this is a most easiest and classic way to curl hair. When i was little my elder sister always try this on my hair and the curl hair was looks beautiful after try pin method. i hope you like this as i like.

For this first of all apply shampoo and conditioner your hair. Make use of a wide tooth comb to evenly spread conditioner and rinse your hair with clear water.

one more important thing you should not rub your hair to dry up, you just simply dry with the help of a towel and after this apply hair gel.

Divide your hair in many little (1 inch) section and bun your hair crown section because on this section we will work in the end.

Start from the section in the side, make a loop with the help of your index and roll it up to your scarp and fix it with a hair pin.

Repeat this every section and once done, release bun made on the crown and continue doing the same procedure on this part as well.  don’t forget to cover it up after do the same procedure on this part as well after this you may go off to sleep.

most important thing, you should not use hair dryer to dry your hair as by you doing all your effort would be waste.

Once all the pins remove use your finger as a comb and set your hair.

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3.. Velcro roller:how to curl hair without curler

First of all Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Towel it dry and apply an anti-frizz serum for make hair fluffy.

Divide your hair many sections now take each section and roll it across the Velcro roller. Use the roller to smooth the hair as you slide it through the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair.

Velcro rollers secure themselves—no pins or clips needed.

Give your hair time to set. How long you should wait depends on the thickness of your hair and how wet it was when you started.

If you don’t have that kind of time, you can speed up the drying process with a hairdryer.

After your hair’s completely dry, you can remove the rollers. this will make your hair look really curly and pretty. Trust me.

4.. Braiding:

first of middle your hair and tie tow ponytails.

Braid the two ponytail and secure the end with a rubber band.

if u want tight curls, make more braids for looser curl, make just one braid.

let your hair dry completely. Gently loosen the braids and shake your curl free.

5.. Old t-shirt:

as always first of all Wash your hair.

Cut a t-shirt in long strips from the neck to the hem.

The thinner the strip, the tighter the curls.

And now Take a small section of your hair, and roll the strip and the hair upwards till your scalp.

Roll inwards so the curls turn towards your neck.

tie the end of the strip to hold the hair in place.  repeat this for all the hair.

and remove this after dry your hair and its done.

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So here are 5 easy way to curl your hair. i hope you like it today’s my blog. if you like this Please don’t forget to Facebook like and share this post. and fill the subscribing box for get new update about my blog. Thanks for reading my post and bye love you

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