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Homemade White Bread Recipe With Yeast

white yeast bread recipe
white yeast bread……


  • Maida- 2 cup (Flour- 2 cup)
  • Dudh- 1/3 cup (Milk- 1/3 cup)
  • Oil- 2 tsp (Oil 2 tsp)
  • Instance yeast- 1 chhota chmmach ( Instant active yeast- 1 tsp)
  • Salt- svadanusaar (Salt- According to taste- 1/2) 
  • Chini- 2 chhote chmmach (Sugar- 2 tsp)


Ek bade bartan me maida lein, aur isme chini, namak, instent yeast aur oil daal dijiye in saari chijo ko achche se mix kar dein…. iske saath isme dudh ko bhi milakar achche se mix kar dein. Ab gungune pani ki madad se maide ki achche se gundh lein taki wah bilkul naram ho jaye… isse achche se naram hone tak achche se gundhte rahna hai……. Ab ek bartan me thora sa tail laga kar usmein ghutha huya aataa dhal dein. uske uper se bhi thora thora tail laga kar 20 minute ke liye rakh dein…..

20 minute baad ek bartan ko tail lagakar chikna kar de aur ab usme guthe gaye aate ko daal kar achche se set kare Ab iske uper oil lagade aur ise uper se bilkul chikna kar dein.. aur aate ko kisi saaf kapre se dhak kar kisi garam jagah par 2-3 ghante ke liye rakh de taki aataa achche se phool jaye… Ab iske baad baari aati hai ise bake karne ki iske liye ovan ko 200 dgree par pre. heat bread ke aate ke achche se phulne ke baad ise ovan me 25 minute ke liye bake kar lein… 25 minute baad bread ko bahar nikaal kar thanda hone ko rakh de… ise baad ise kaat kar serve kare. ise aap kisi bhi trah se kha sakti hai.. 

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  • Take refined flour in a mixing bowl and make a hole in center. To it add sugar, instant yeast and oil. Mix everything well. Keep adding milk in small portions and knead the dough. Now with help of lukewarm water knead soft dough as required for making chapatti (muffin,bannock) . Knead until smooth and soft. For kneading this much quantity of dough 1/2 cup of water is used.Grease a bowl with some oil and place the kneaded dough in it. Apply some ghee (butter) over the dough as well. Cover and keep it aside for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, grease a baking container and set the dough inside the container. Apply some oil over the dough, cover the container and keep aside for 2 hours to set on a warm place. Dough puffs up into double.
  • Preheat the oven at 200 degree. When the dough has puffed up well, place it inside the oven and cake for 25 minutes.After 25 minutes, take out the container from oven and place it over a net stand. Let the bread cool down and then make slices. White bread is now done and ready.Fresh and spongy white bread is ready. Use it for making sandwich, bread pizza, bread roll or apply some jam or butter to these slices and relish eating.

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Aap ise kaise bhi, kabhi kabhi bachcho ko sirf vegetable se problem hoti hai aap inki madad se sandwich banaye aur apne bachche ko ek healthy breakfast dein, aap ise zaroor try kare yah aap ko i am sure pasand aayega… Aap ko hamari aaj ki yah recipe kaisi lagi hamein comment kar zaroor batayein. 

Thank you….

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